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Online IEW classes?


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We did the year long class through Currclick and covered the theme book All Things Fun and Fascinating for grades 4/5--we had to buy the book also and received the student guides with that purchase which was great. My kids learned a lot. The teacher is very nice and grades the papers as well. The kids can take it live or watch the recording. My kids enjoyed it live. Kids can also share their papers week to week. I know IEW has classes too but we haven't done those. We plan to do the next class--Ancients Based lessons for 5/6th grade. We also do other writing, but this worked well for us. HTH, Jen

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I signed up for a class in the fall for DD12. She will be taking SICC-B. We are still required to buy SICC-B. The class meets once a week for about an hour and costs $199 a semester. I hope my DD likes it. She is rather unsure of it, but I think it will be a good idea for her to be accountable to someone else and for someone else to grade her papers now that she is in middle school.


I hope you are able to get some good information about the classes. They fill up really fast!

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