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What level MEP after Singapore 6B?

Sue G in PA

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I'm not familiar with Singapore, but MEP yr 7 and 8 is basically a rehash of the primary stuff. We jumped in at year 6 and will skip most of year 7 and 8, restarting in year 9. I've set aside a term (9 weeks) at the end of this year (year 7 for DS12) to make sure DS is solid with the Australian curriculum and I'll use bits of MEP 7 and 8 in the mix of resources. After that, we'll move on to year 9, which will leave us on track to finish MEP by the end of high school, and make sure we are better aligned with the Australian curriculum, which moves a bit faster than the US. MEP has some tests in year 7 and 8. You could use those to see where your DS needs more work and just do those units. Unlike the spiral primary syllabus, high school MEP is all discrete units.


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