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French teacher

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I thought while studying at university that I would be a teacher like any other, teaching french as a foreign language to all the japanese travelling in Paris.

But now I am a mum, and I want to homeschool my daughter. So I read a lot, and I had to change some plans.


I still want to be a teacher as I love to teach. But now I'm teaching online (on skype) and I prefer to teach to kids who are homeschool. I find it more challenging for myself and more links to the life I'm looking for.


I'd be glad to help some of you through the bilingual area. But if you want real lessons, here are some infos : I use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (so with the same classification as the Alliance Française), and mainly with the book Tip top. All the lessons are built by myself to focus on the child interest (food, car, rugby, litterature....). I think that self-motivation is really important so each student choose amongst the activities to do, the one s/he'll do (like music or geography or linguistic) + 1 activity they must do.


I already taught in Kirghizstan (6 to 16 years old), in Togo (12-16 years old) and to japanese living for a while in Paris. Among my actual student, there are a chinese student (20-something), two australian and homeschool kids (10 and 12) and a little girl (3 but it's not on skype but at her home, too hard otherwise).

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