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Help! School forgot to order AP Computer Science Test

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Has this ever happened to anyone? Ds is signed up to take the AP Comp Sci and AP Chemistry test at the beginning of May. The local high school got the chem test ordered fine, but forgot to order the comp sci test. The vice prinicpal told me he ordered it late and ds can take it May 23rd (instead of May 7th). Is this going to be ok with the college board? I just thought I would see if this has ever happened to anyone else.

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Sorry you and your son are dealing with this. By this time of year, my son is just ready to get the exams over with and would not be happy with having the test delayed.


The College Board has a section devoted to the protocol for late testing. It looks like the CB will be charging an additional $40 exam fee.


Good luck to your son!



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Thank you! The vice pricipal just e-mailed me back and said this was the college board approved date for late testing. You are right: my ds is not happy about it. The school has said nothing about an extra $40, so I think they will pay it because it was their fault. I am upset, but this school does not offer an AP Computer Science class, yet they were willing to order the exam and proctor it for my son. The school has been very helpful to us. When I took ds in to take the PSAT this past fall, the guidance counselor was very helpful, even telling me where to go to get scholarship information in the future. I guess you take the good with the bad!

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