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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning everyone. I took it easy on myself yesterday so watch out for today!


Clean kitchen


School Specials:

- history/lit. dvd with ds15

- science experiment with dd11

Work on laundry room


Swim lesson - dd


taekwando - ds

What's for dinner? We had leftovers yesterday and I can't get away with that again.

Vacuum stairs

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oh I was hoping we got to literally 'tackle' the problems in our lives....like the moody 11 year old boy :glare:


Seriously, it's laundry day. Doing school now. It's apparently a bad day for the boy, so holding my tongue a lot. Trying not to lose it today. I have a conference call for next year's benefits this afternoon. Soccer practice for ds. Need to look at garden and kill bugs. Today is a slower day than most of my week. But I will take it. Well, I could lose the boy's attitude and be a happier person but probably not going to happen :lol:

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Kitchen is clean.

Watched documentary on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with ds15. It was boring. But we watched it anyway since it was our last thing for this particular work of literature. The TC lecture we watched yesterday on the same subject was a bit too short (only 30 min.), but not boring.

Am spending too much time tracking my food online. I hate tracking my food. Hate it with a burning passion.

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I'm in.


I've spent the morning sorting book orders and getting things ready to go out - decluttering and raising funds to pay bills at the same time :) Really trying to declutter - I've finally come to the realization that I don't need half this stuff, and my home will be cleaner without it.


also on the list for today:





empty at least 2 more totes & put away / toss / declutter the items that were in them.

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Thursday has been tackled and tied up with a rope!




Snuggled with James Bond while ignoring the children ;)




Swept kitchen

Loaded dw



Snuggled with JB while ignoring the children


1 load of laundry

Watched the atest ep of The Following

Wrote some of my ff story

Took a nap with JB while Han Solo slept

Dr. appt (for me)


Loaded and ran dw

Gave HS bath

Watched some cartoons with Indy

Cleaned out my car because I'm trading it in tomorrow (the new car has to be built and we'll be down to one car for about 4-6 weeks)

Called ins. company to take JB's car off deployment storage status

Surfed the interwebs



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Well, I got up this morning and took DS to daycare, then came back home to study because I finally hit a groove last night.


I finished my property outline about 20 minutes ago! Woo-hoo! Now I just have to do one for Professional Responsibility, though that will be easier because it's open book (Property is only open note/outline) and most of it is applying the rules in the rulebook which is pretty well organized to begin with. I'm giving myself the rest of today and all of tomorrow (outside of DD's homeschool time) to complete the P.R. outline.


I also have to call DES to do a phone interview for our SNAP renewal. Hopefully I get through this afternoon, otherwise I need to go in to the office tomorrow, which will waste half the day that I could be studying (and probably knock DD's schedule out the window).

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