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I need a 4th English course. We're using Keystone but I'm not sure I want to use their English 4 because English 3 has been such a nightmare. Here's what he's done so far:


9th grade: Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings with separate grammar and writing programs

10th grade: World Literature survey with Keystone

11th grade: American Literature survey with Keystone


Does a senior English course need to cover a specific topic or can I use something like British Literature?

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Thanks for the answers. I'm glad I'm not confined to any one thing.


His survey courses had writing projects in every unit including research projects. I thought we spent more time doing those projects than reading literature. That's why I would rather do something else that has him reading more than 2 full books in a year. He also read short stories in an anthology text but he isn't a reader and I want to expose him to more books.

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Do you feel like he needs to take British Lit or do you just want him to be exposed to more literature? EIL and Epi Kardia are both pretty affordable programs that use the whole book approach to literature. They are both pretty heavy on the writing essays and analyzing lit. If you just want DS to be exposed to Literature, I would just google one of those lists called "100 books everyone should read" and assign him a variety of books(at least one per month) by different authors you think he might enjoy. We use the audible versions in our house quite a bit with my dyslexic/reluctant readers and that helps keep us moving. Find the study guides to go with the books so you can have discussions about each book and maybe have him write a couple of papers and come up with a really fun project. I am sure you can find something without stressing about it too much. Just get him reading and keep a record of what he reads.

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