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Standardized Math test question.....question


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  • This is from the Florida DOE website FCAT sample test for Grade 3 Math.

  • Presumably the end of grade 3? Anyway, does it seem like a fair question for a 3rd grader?

  • My oldest is just starting 2nd grade math but.... like... I mean... isn't it a bit obtuse? For like

  • an 8 year old? Or am I just an English Major?



  • Chris gave 2 beach balls to each friend who came to his birthday party.

  • He had 8 friends at his party. Which equation could be used to find the

  • total number of beach balls Chris gave to his friends at the party?



    • F 8×b=2


    • G b×2=8


    • H 8÷2=b


    • I b÷8=2


    And the explanation:



    The correct answer is I (b ÷ 8 = 2).

    Reporting Category: Number: Operations, Problems, and Statistics


    Benchmark: MA.3.A.1.3 Identify, describe, and apply division and multiplication

    as inverse operations.


    To solve this problem, write the multiplication equation that could be used to

    find the total number of beachballs, 8 × 2 = b.of the equations shown, ,b ÷ 8 = 2

    is the only equation that could also be used to find the total number of beach balls,

    as it is the inverse equation of 8 × 2 = b.


    I mean, I get the the point about inverse operations...

    but really? like that? Is it just me?


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FCAT is last week (and this), so this is when they would see it.


I have seen problems like that in the 4th grade book they use here - my DD is in 2nd, and I babysit a girl in 4th. I despise the math curriculum they are using for the record, but I know the 4th grader struggled with some stuff like this, and had to do things the "hard way".

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There are problems like that on the 5th grade California STAR test because my DD recently went through the released questions. I know there are definitely multiplication and division problems involving the 2's on the 2nd grade test. However, those don't involve the variables, just numbers (e.g. Chris gave each guest 2 balls. There were 8 guests. How many balls did he give? with one of the answers being 16).

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