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Want to take a break from the 4-year history cycle


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My youngest son will be doing 5th grade level work in the fall. I'm feeling like I want to change it up a bit before going through the history cycle again.


My first thought is state history, but I just can't get excited about that. Any Ideas?


What are you using, if not part of the 4-year history cycle?

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We just jumped ship on chronological history (for the most part, see below*), and are following interests with Landmark and World Landmark books.


You could do some American history with him! Homeschool In The Woods has really fun activity guides for various parts of American history.


A year of geography/world cultures might be fun too. There's a great series, usually widely available at libraries, called Enchantment of the World, or there are programs, like Around the World in 180 Days (cc).


Or you could look at something like The History of Science (Beautiful Feet).


(*I do still read one chapter a week aloud from K12's Human Odyssey, to expose my kids to the flow of history)

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You could even just do history peripheral to your science or lit studies...just take a break all together from it as a separate subject. You could find out what is in driving distance and visit all of those places. Maybe if your state study is field trip based it would be more exciting. Find some elderly people and do oral histories. Ask dc what he/she wants to learn about.

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