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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Arrrgh! It was a very rough night and then I way overslept. . .


Clean kitchen



School at the library

Library stuff


Call Latin tutor back and schedule our next session for either tonight or next week.


If I still don't hear from the Y coordinator for the teen field trip, start stomping my feet.


Probably more but I'm trying to take it easy on myself today.

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1:30 check in:


kitchen clean

Library business taken care of.

a.m. school done at the library including watching a TC lecture with ds on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Latin tutor called and session scheduled for tonight.

Called the YMCA teen coordinator and left a message - hopefully I'll actually hear from her since steam is starting to come out my ears. . .

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It's three in the afternoon here. I've gotten very little done. Couldn't get motivated enough to get out the door and take DS to daycare before lunchtime, so he's been home and underfoot and distracting all day, and I've gotten about 20 minutes of studying done.


DD, who could have been finished with her work 2 hours ago, is still at least an hour and a half away from being done.


Other than picking up the floor a bit and folding about 1/4 load of laundry, I haven't really done any housework, either.


I did take a shower. So did the children. And DS and I both napped.


Oh, and I weeded a good chunk of the backyard while DD was in time out during math meltdown.


Right now DD is playing with her brother...

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