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They are pricy, but IMO well worth it for the logic stage. We have a stack here that we used this year to supplement and build our studies with and they have been the highlight of our history year. Not only do they pull together various resources, but the teacher's guide includes several thought provoking activities and essay prompts. Yes, I could pull them together myself, but not nearly as well. (Their customer service is outstanding, too)


At your kids' ages, I'd wait a bit, or maybe buy one of the clearance or secondhand ones to look through, but put aside for at least a few more years.

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I do. I think they're best for 7th+, mostly because the work expects them to really think things through and make logical connections. Right now the local high school is borrowing a few of mine to supplement their AP history class.


That's not to say that you wouldn't get use out of them - it would just be in a different way. I use them at our co-op to hammer a point or show the kids documents that tell the story. But at the same time, I wouldn't buy them just for my 4th-6th graders there. I pull documents off the internet - between Digital History, Letters of Note, How To Be A Retronaut....there's more than enough free resources. I can print out whatever I need.


Now, I would make the suggestion to get Mysteries In History books or something similar. Mysteries in History has a full lesson plan for each mini-unit, presenting a primary source or two, a few secondary sources, and expects the kids to find out what really happened using the information they can gather. I've used them with pretty good success, especially with the early logic crowd. The only problem with these is they are not chronological, not exactly. They cover a wide spread of years, so the World History book was able to be used for 2 full years of history class.

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