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Ancient History Level One


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I had decided to redo my Book Notes for Ancient History Level One. This level uses A Child's History of the World as the main spine but with additional books if you are combining this study with older elementary students. Older elementary students would read the spine for themselves and follow this with a writtten narration. I would suggest that this level be used up to around age 10 or so. I'm planning and currently working on Ancient History Level Two which will be designed for ages 11 up through high school. Level Two will be based on the books by Dorothy Mills but with additional books for the high school student.


These are created with a lean towards Charlotte Mason in approach. I've included supplemental pages and student pages as a separate download. The supplemental pages include narration notes, picture study notes, keeping a book of centuries and some other resources. The student pages were created to give a separate page with only the proper nouns listed. This gives your student a reference in which to refer while narrating, if you'd like.


Adobe Acrobat Workspaces only allows documents of up to 50 pages, so I have to separate the guide into two parts. I have Part A completed and should have B completed by tomorrow. ETA: Part B is ready now too. I added dates based on A Child's History of the World to be used in a Book of Centuries (or a timeline, if you prefer).


I'll freely admit that I've been very busy with far more than I can actually handle...lol... :) If you see any mistakes or would love to see something included that I have not, I would love for you to let me know. This particular level is not even for my family. My younger dd will be ready for Level Two (when I can get it going).



I hope this helps anyone who would like to follow a CM approach but who also would like to combine their elementary-aged children together in one history time period.


Here is the link to the page on my blog (A Mind in the Light):



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You're welcome!! :)


I forgot to mention that at some point in the future I do plan on adding a supplemental set which will include copywork and dictation selections. I have a number of these set aside already, but will need more time to finish them and type them.

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I would really love some opinions or thoughts about this guide. If it is well-liked as it is, I can be sure to create future guides in a similar manner. I can also make changes to future guides, if needed, based on what opinions are about this one.




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