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if you've used Artistic Pursuits


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i'm interested in continuing our art study through AP this year, as we're just completing our book 2 of the K-3 level. I have been generally pleased with it, though i don't know whether it's absolutely the simplest/best out there, since i've never done anything other than it (well, we did Mona brooks' Drawing with Children one year but i wouldn't call that an art curriculum in the same sense as AP is).


so, my question is this:

if you've used AP but moved away from it to something else, what did you move to and why? what ages were your kids and what factors influenced your decision? were you pleased with it or would you have stuck to AP if you had it to do over again?


{I was thinking I'd put my 5th grader in the grade 4-5 book and let him work semi-independently while my K'er and 3rd grader get to share book 3 of the K-3 series, since that's the time period we'll be studying in history anyway. }


i know there are a lot of great art curr out there. all our kids are very artistic and musical as well as just generally creative, so it's not that i couldn't live without a proper curriculum; having said that, i do love that the picture study and art projects are incorporated into one cohesive manual that makes me feel equipped to just "open and go." as for the older child starting his own independent pursuit of art, it will really be a testing ground for whether he's ready for that kind of independence.


i really like HFA as well and have used them in tandem year by year with much satisfaction. however, i will not be purchasing HFA this year (my degree is in piano performance so it's not like i don't know how to lead them through musicians, esp the more comfortable i get as a homeschooler heading into our 6th year of schooling) ......


so i'm just garnering thoughts and ideas before i take the plunge and spend $75 on new art instruction.

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I use AP and Atelier. My kids love doing Atelier and it is very independent. They do a great job following directions. I feel like the projects are more varied with Atelier. But my kids love both.

We recently reviewed a DVD from See the Light and my kids really enjoyed it so I'm going to order more from them. I'm kinda liking the art DVD route.

I've considered Meet the Masters or Mark Kistler. I think we'll try Mark Kistler when my kids are a little older.

But I haven't found another program that combines art appreciation and projects the way AP does. If there's something similar out there I'd love to compare.

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We do Artistic Pursuits..but I've added in Mark Kistler for technique. We also do a monthly artist study using artists who are featured at our local art museum.


It's hard to find any curriculum you don't have to supplement at all...but I found AP to be fun for the kids and simple enough that it would get done every week. Sometimes doing what gets done is better than not doing everything fun that there is to do...ykwim?

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