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ISO - Secular Latin program

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I've been meaning to introduce Latin for a couple of years, and now I have two kiddos "in-school" .


What would you suggest for a 2nd & 6th grader. I also have a 4 year old but she's a tornado and


probably wouldn't be engaging. Can I get away with one program for both kids?

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I agree with boscopup that a good book to begin for both kids is GsWL. The author has free audio mp3 files on his website.


There is a chance that your 4-year old might be interested and able to follow along. We used this book when DD was about that age, but it was done orally since she wasn't printing all that well back then.

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Personally I think they are too different in age for one program. But for your 6th grader I recommend Getting Started With Latin followed by Latin Book One and Latin Book Two, free from their respective Yahoo group sites.


My kids are the same age but at different levels in grammatical understanding and trying to keep them together in Spanish has been rather a nightmare.



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