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Online editing services for college Sr. paper

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Most colleges will have a tutorial center that will help some with papers. I'd check there first.



I was just coming back to say this. It didn't dawn on me until a while after I posted earlier. Most colleges do have a free writing help center (different names at different places) that help students with course papers, senior thesis, etc. Usually those centers are better at editing type of assistance rather than revision type of assistance, but that would be an excellent place to start.


It's also not a bad idea to have students swap papers and help each other. Depending on the students this may be more or less successful.

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The do have a writing center. She has been using the center until now along with assistance from her sis. They are just getting a little busy this time of year and I hoped to be able to give her some additional suggestions for editing help. She and I are both science majors and we are not the greatest editors. We normally depend on her older sister who is a textbook editor.


Thanks so much!

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