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Multiple Grades with Oak Meadow (or Waldorf-inspired)?


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I have Oak Meadow 3rd grade which I found used and am thinking of using it next year for DS2. I'll also have a 4th grader and a 1st grader--and am thinking of trying to find those guides used as well. I could just make up my own 4th grade and 1st grade Waldorf inspired lessons.


I'm not a major fan of OM math, so we'd probably use another math curriculum--either Right Start, MM, or something else.


We'd do a few unit studies that could be done as a group as well (based on kids interest).



Have you ever done multiple grades with a Waldorf-inspired curriculum? Wondering realistically if it's possible, or if it will just drive me absolutely batty.


In theory, I like the thought of sticking to Waldorf for the younger grades as I feel the childhood is a unique, magical time--and that heavy academics can wait.

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I know this is late and it looks like you already made your choice but if you have FB you might want to ask for advice on doing multiple grades with OM as there are a lot of people who can answer you here: www.facebook.com/groups/OakMeadowFamilies/


There was an old OM forum that spun off from here that is no longer active, however membership still get's approved and there is a lot of info archived in here: oakmeadow.yuku.com/forums/71/Roll-Call


I am using OM except for the Math which I am using SM Essentials K/ MM 1 as well so great minds think alike ;).

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