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(X-post) What would you use for writing in 7th grade?


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(x-post to writing board)


Please humor me and help me. Please? :D I'm begging. I've had the thread on whether or not Rod and Staff contains enough writing. One person said it did. In looking online, I disagree a bit. What I need now, however, is this:


If you are going to use the R&S grammar portion and the R&S writing portion as a jump off, what would you use to help further their writing skills that would also prepare them for IEW and advanced writing?


I'm confident in my ability to teach both (this is using R&S 7th). What I'm not exactly confident in is preparing them for IEW or advanced.


I have a couple of things planned. One, teach them how to take notes (this does help with writing skill). Two, utilize the group experience to have them do round-robin, or "complete your own" stories (one person starts, another does the next paragraph, another does the next, and so on). Three, I'm also using Sterling Stories, 12 Great Short Stories and How to Write Anything: A Guide and Reference as my spines for teaching writing.


If your input was asked, what would YOU like your 6-8th grader taught as far as writing is concerned? I'm not asking curriculum wise. More so mechanics of writing wise.


Thank you to all those that respond (and please don't tell me R&S is enough. I and the administration of the school have agreed that it is not, as far as writing is concerned)

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