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TOG users - Just DE or DE plus Print option? x-post

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I'm considering using TOG Year 3 next year and am debating whether or not to order the print version along with the DE. I think they're updating the years right now, so figured the DE would be the best option to catch all of the updates... but not sure if I *need* the print version or not.


And, if I do opt for the DE, do you buy the SAP-packs or just print them off yourself (same question for the Map Aids)? I have 3 kids to print/purchase for.


I "get" the TOG system and think we can implement it without much of the fog I've heard about... but making my mind up about which option to ORDER is a whole other story! Oy!

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I am in my second year of using TOG and I have only used the DE. I print the notes I want to read and the activity pages each week (right now I am only using it with my 15 yo son). I think some of the decision rests on your printer and how much ink it uses. Since you have 3 kids, buying the SAP pages might be cheaper :confused: . Also, if you know for sure you want the DE version, then you can go ahead and purchase it and add the print version later (you would just pay the difference between the DE only price and the DE+print price....at least this is how it was last year). I hope that helps!



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FWIW, I think Y3 was updated 3 years ago (when I first began with TOG), so future updates shouldn't be too significant. Most updates are related to books going out of print. Significant changes were made to Frameworks and Poetics with Year 1 being completed this year. You can check on Tapestry's website to see what was updated thus far. Recently, I purchased a used copy of Y3. After checking the updates, there wasn't much that had changed.


Personally, I prefer print because I like to have all the pages in front of me. I can highlight (with the page in a protector, of course =) and have the discussion guide in front of me so we don't have to sit in the office to have our weekly discussion. I don't enjoy printing mountains of pages only to recycle or trash them. I like to flip through the unit and be able to feel the weight of what we've completed. Weird, maybe. One more thought.....with DE + print, the print version is not resell-able; print only is.


I would suggest purchasing the already printed SAP's unless you have a super economical printer.


And you think there won't be a fog...... :lol:


There's my 2 cents =)




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I've done it both ways...honestly, the idea of printing just what you need sounds easy enough with a good economical printer, BUT unless you do it all at once (or a unit at a time), it really becomes a weekly hassle. One year I bought DE and printed everything...exhausting. Another year I bought DE/print and SAP packs - EASY! This year I bought DE/print, but have been printing SAP pages and MAPS - almost as exhausting as the first time around. For next year I'm considering DE, SAP packs, and the MAP packs. Although I like everything all printed out, I only have 2 R-level students so I think I will forgo the print pages. I don't need any of the lower level pages or the writing. Because we are in a co-op and I don't teach every week, I have found that I can print the teacher pages on my b/w laser for just the weeks I'm teaching and mark them up (with no angst!).


Hope this helps!

Pamela F. in VA

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I'm in the sixth year of use and I'm not sure I'm really qualified to make this call because all my year plans are print ones.


I do print out my SAPs myself. I would strongly recommend that you do so over the summer. In my case I sort them in with weekly scheduling sheets which we use and other materials that go with Tapestry.


I do think you can do tapestry without the fog; I did it six years ago. I did so in part because I used the summer to plan things and get read down to the tiniest detail. In my case, I knew it was crafts that would over run us, so I bought all nonperishable craft supplies over the summer.

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I have both (since I started before there was DE). I think if forced to choose I would take DE only. Keep in mind that if you do go with just DE you need to pay attention as they update book lists and SAPs. Most are archived and available for earlier editions but with the recent update there are several that won't be archived and you might want to print and save those pages prior to an update or you won't have the correct pages for the books you own. I print my own pages rather than buy the SAP-mostly because I don't use them all and that way I print only what we need. If you think buying the SAPs would be more economical for you-go for it. Do feel free to call the company directly with your questions-I have found them very helpful and generous with their time and experience with their products.

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