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ok, I have every intention of buying IEW in the fall for Ds and dd to start. I won't get it until summer so hoping someone can help me out with my questions :-)


*How many days a week is this supposed to be? Is it a video one day and a few days of lessons? Or is it something daily?


Tell me how you use it in a week. They will be doing SWI-B. I am trying to figure out how much time this will be weekly/how many days I need to schedule it.

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If your getting SWI-B, it will come with a suggested 15-30 week schedule. It really depends on how quickly your students work through it. In the 30 week schedule, the video is scheduled every 2 weeks or so. The suggested schedule shows lessons 4-5 days a week, depending on the lesson. For example, several lessons are scheduled 4 days a week, others are 5. I have to add that we've only been using SWI-A for a couple of months. The first few units, which are scheduled for 4 days, can easily be done in 3. This week we begin unit 3, which is scheduled as week 13. There are 5 days scheduled this week. I hope this makes sense. In my opinion, I would plan on 3-5 days a week, for about 30 min, allowing about an hour on the days you watch the video. If you get done in less, great.


Here is a great article from IEW's website:


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