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Touch Screen Curriculum and/or Suggestions

Guest missbrink

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Guest missbrink

I have a 6 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Last year he went to PS and was in a PPCD program. He pretty much already passed Kindergarten.


Being that I was new to homeschooling this year- I got my feel with my older son. We use Time 4 Learning (and many other programs) - for our curriculum although that is the base.


In January I started my 6 year old (who loves the computer) on Time 4 Learning- but at the Kindy level? It's moving to slowly.


It's also too repetitive. I don't think however, he is really ready for the 1st grade level. He still has more to learn regarding understanding phonics.


In Public School? He had a "smart table" - a giant table that was a touch screen- that was the basis of his learning- so I am thinking we need to invest in a tablet of some kind (I have been dragging my feet on an iPad forever).


His fine motor skills are very poor- he can type but has trouble writing, he seems to memorize some words but very few things seem to hold his interest.


I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions - if they have children on the spectrum I am interested in any/all suggestions! Just looking for something that will keep my son engaged!


Games, websites, projects- ALL of it!


Thank you!!

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