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Where to Start with 4 year history and science cycle

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I have three kids, dd8, ds6, and dd1. I haven't gotten through ancient history yet, but should I follow an accerated plan to get my dd8 caught up to entering 4th grade in fall 2014 back on track with SOTW modern history and science. Or should I just pick up and have my Ds6 be the one on track? I focused more on math and lit, then added back in grammar(we are still in FLL1 and wwe1), started spelling. What should I do?

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There's no reason to race her through it just to start in ancients by fifth grade. Start where you're at and keep moving forward at a steady pace. When the little one is ready to start doing history I'd fold him right into his big sister's lessons. Keep two output expectation bars, one for each child. The little one can start with the coloring sheets and simple narrations while the older one is beginning to write narrations and doing more complicated projects.

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