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Swollen lymph nodes? Dr hive?


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About six months ago, dd10 had a swollen lymph node at the base of her skull. We happened to be at the ped for a well child apt, so I asked about it. Ped said it was no big deal as long as it went away, but that it could take a while. It did go away (though dd thinks she could always feel it- I couldn't).

Now that one and another one about an inch higher are swollen. They are fairly small and painful to the touch.


She hasn't been sick, but she does tend to react to allergies each spring (she has no visible signs this year though).


I know they can take a long time to go down, but should I be concerned?? I'm planning to just wait and see if they go down on their own, but am I overlooking something?


I've never dealt with these before. The ped said the first one was fine, so I'm not sure if I'm being a nervous parent, but I'm a little worried.

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If they are going up and down, it's very unlikely to be anything serious like Lymphoma, but obviously the body is reacting to/fighting some little infection/illness. It could be something as simple as sinuses. You could probably take her again to the Dr to see if there is anything obvious that is making them reactive. Some nodes are hyper sensitive, and react to almost anything, so it's sometimes hard to know if it's 'something' or 'nothing'!

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