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April Financial Accountability Week 3 (4/21 - 4/27)


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Today's the first day of our 2 week school holidays. Today's spend =

$1 = parking in town

$20 = end of term haircut for ds#2

$38 = 2 anti-itch medicines for ds#2 (we spent friday night in the hospital & this is to refill the samples they gave us. I wanted to have some on hand if this ever happens again. Spending 1-6am in the emergency room is NO fun)

$2.50 = can of pineapple (ds#2 wanted to make pizza for lunch & we were out of pineapple)

$?? = fuel for ds#1's car that dh has been using. My car is on empty as well, but I'll fill it tomorrow when I take ds#2 to work in the morning. Lucky for us gas prices have dropped this week. Now we pay only $2.04/litre <_<


Total spend =$61.50 + the gas (~$100 most likely)

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April wasn't all that great for us in some ways. In other ways things are working out.


The bad/unexpected

The cat needed to go to the vet. $75.

Dh needed meds $158 with prescription insurance.


The good

All bills paid

One credit card paid in full. Which means I'm following the budget and the debt removal plan.

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