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MFW ECC Questions


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So I am looking at ECC for an 8 year old. As I look at the books included, it seems that many of them are about missionaries, which I love, but am afraid that it may be a tad bit too REAL for her - as in not quite age appropriate. What is your experience? DD can be pretty sensitive and I'm a bit concerned not having read them myself.


Any other thoughts on ECC are welcome as well. What I seem to like about it is really the Bible/missions aspect... The geography and science are just kinda ok to me. Any idea on how long it takes to do daily? How is Language Arts integrated into the program?



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I can't help a whole lot because I haven't done it. But, we've done MFW K, 1st and we are going to be starting Adv in 4-6wks. I've read almost the entire Adv manual. So, I can tell you a little about MFW and the program as a whole.


You will need to get your own LA's to add on. The program does include narration, copy work and dictation. In Adv, it isn't a lot of copy work or dictation (once a week), but it might be more in ECC. I use FLL and I'm planning to incorporate some WWE as well, but not all because it isn't really needed. We've done a little of it and my son really enjoys it. If he didn't, I probably wouldn't do it.


What I LOVE about MFW is that the Bible is very integrated into and throughout the program. I haven't done ECC, but I do know that everything we have learned thus far has been age appropriate for my sensitive kids....like OT stories that can be a bit graphic at times (Sampson comes to mind) have been handled age-appropriately in 1st. Also, whenever there is anything questionable in a book, the manual will let you know that and even tell you the pages/passages to skip or pre-read. So, I'm not worried about it even though my children are also sensitive. My oldest will be almost 8, turning 9 a few months later, when we do ECC and my younger 2 will be a few months from turning 7. (I also have 3 youngers.)


Sorry I can't be more help, but at least I gave you a bump. :)

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My oldest was 8 when we did ECC the first time. Adventures had not yet been written. I appreciated that there were heads up notes for the intense parts and preview parts in the read alouds. Something to keep in mind -- all of those deluxe read alouds are optional, so you don't have to read them. I recall (of course it's been 10 years now...) retelling some parts of some stories. with Amy Carmichael I changed the word "temple prostitute" to "temple slave". Most of the time, the stories are more about the action and adventure and seeing how God provides.


back then, we didn't have Kingdom Tales in the read aloud. I got that the second time round. And my sensitive middle gal did fine with it. I did have to preview the first chapter and retell it with the intensity taken out. Then, she liked it. That's all allegory about finding that God loves you and wants you dearly by His side.


I don't know if you've seen a recent thread on MFW's board about the missionary stories. a lady there, Julie in MN, had interesting take on those along with some links to how those were handled at different ages.




God Speaks Nummangang (in the basic package) - that is written for all ages, so younger children can hear that.


Cam Townsend book - parts of that weren't super exciting or scary. And it very much sets the foundation for bible translation.

Nate Saint - this one has sad but happy.... lots of notes in the ECC manual to ease into the ending.

G. Muller - I'm not recalling that as not being age appropriate.

David Livingstone..

Gladys Alwyward - MFW has notes in the grid schedule when to make sure you read ahead. You can skip the icky parts and the tell you that. I skipped those and was fine. well, ok.. tissue box alert? I cried so hard at the end of the book....

Amy Carmichael... I cried hard at end of book... I changed it to temple slave for my 8 year old.. and then with my middle child who was 10 when we did ecc the second time... I didn't change it.


Again. you don't "have" to read them out loud. I was glad we did. I was able to preview a chapter a few minutes before the day's reading.


here's info overload for more info on "handling delicate topics" in the bios


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We did ECC with an 8yr old and 6yr old. Our 6yrold (at the time) is VERY sensitive! There were parts of the missionary read alouds that we had to be careful with. Looking back now, I am so glad we read them anyways though. It is better for them to be exposed to that stuff with the comfort of Mom/Dad there to talk with. That being said, you know your child best and some kids may need to wait a little longer.

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Some days are longer than others, and it depends on what all you do with it. I would say about two hours on average with a younger student. The TM has a sample schedule with everything for school being done in 4-5 hours.


The LA that's written into the manual is as follows: copy Bible verse on monday; write from dictation the memory verse on Tuesday; vocab cards from Geography from A-Z on Friday; letter writing on Fridays (rough draft one week, edit and mail the next).


Writing Strands is also scheduled in the TM on Wednesday and Thursday, and there are boxes in the grid for spelling, English, and reading with space for you to add your own stuff.



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Hey folks,

I'm looking at starting MFW with my girls 11 and 9. I've also been looking at HOD. Have any of you used both? Could you point me towards a comparison. Also, I'm not a fan of busy work, and while I have one that would LOVE all the coloring pages I've seen, my oldest would be bored to tears. They are very creative and love out of the box kind of things. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all I've seen of the MFW curriculum - coloring pages! Any insight would be appreciated.


Oh, also, is it planning intensive? I'm a working mom who's also in school, so time is of the essence.

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Oh, another question, too. How is the book of Matthew studied? I have read on reviews that people love the Matthew study, and I am wondering what it done other than reading a passage/memory verse and writing it. From the sample online, it doesn't look like much...

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