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Help! My kids HATE Rod and Staff Math


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My DS is a mathy kid....he even loves worksheets. He is doing RS Arithmetic 2 and even breaking it down to two lessons a week he just does not like it. He loved Liberty Math from CLP, though. What is similiar to both, less written work (and board work) than RS, and more FUN for an almost 6 year old? Heis adding and subtracting to 10, either from memorization or in his head. He needs work on skip counting and time.


DD is just barely starting RS 1. She is in kindergarten. Its WAY too much writing but she is ready for a slow introduction of the concept of addition.She has longer/shorter, bigger/smaller, shapes, more or less, and counting down pat....and is bored with those concepts.


Singapore is not our style, by the way.... Its my fault. I did not learn that way and had trouble teaching it.

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Liberty Level B (2nd grade) has:


Making change, telling time to the minute, temperatures, tally marks, word problems, equal measurements (1 day =24 hours, etc), multiplication up to 5s, skip counting, beginning fractions, graphs, calendars, division up to 5s, rounding, and a couple fun maps.

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