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Have others done this? We started prep/grade 1 using WWE and FLL. For certain reasons , we decided we didnt want to continue. For about 18 months to 2 years, we tried many other writiing and grammar programs looking for that perfect fit. We never did find it. I feel like we have done a complete 360 and are back to what we feel are our favourite programs for writing and grammar. DS is now grade 3 and relieved I think to be back to FLL and WWE. These programs just make so much sense! So grateful to SWB and PHP.


Has anyone else done this? Or am I the only one to have been flighty about these 2 subjects?

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Nope, you're not alone. We did the same thing. FLL1 was too repetitive for my oldest, and she was frustrated to the point of running and hiding when I took it out. We switched to Growing with Grammar, and she finished two levels of it without retaining ANYTHING (other than how to address an envelope, LOL!). We ended up back at FLL3 when she was in fourth grade, and now we're wrapping up FLL4 at the end of fifth grade. She still doesn't LOVE the format, but she has definitely retained all that she's learned.


I held off on WWE too, but narrating SOTW was making her hate learning about history, so we started WWE1 when she was in second grade. I limited narration to just WWE at the time, but now she can narrate fro pretty much anything, and we're just beginning our journey through WWS.


I often say that I started with WTM methods/recommendations early on and then slowly wandered off to try other things...only to end up back with the WTM for just about everything!

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Also one who is back to using WWE and FLL. I have used KISS, loved it. I have used Aesop CW. Much to recommend it.

But for the summer I wanted something that was basically ready to go whether I was ready or not, and FLL and WWE fit the bill. A little dull, but they get done and the others simply wouldn't get done this summer because of my work schedule.

I may still go back to using the other programs in the fall when I have more time to spend working through them with the boys, but if it goes well using FLL and WWE this summer, I'll probably turn those into our summer term curriculum choices from now on.

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Glad to hear I am not alone. Sweet Morning Air - we tried GWG and had the same issue - no retention - we also tried WWW at the same time. FLL1 drove DS a little batty with all of the repetition, but we have started back in FLL3 this year and it moves at a suitable pace for him (we dont use the repetition though) Did you go from WWE directy to WWS? We use WWE, write across the curriculum and also use Bravewriters freewrite Fridays, but thats it currently for writing.


Critterfixer - I looked at CW and it looked good but we never did get to trying this - I dont want to say 'maybe in the future' as I am hoping we stick with WWE, however I've learnt to never rule anything out. :laugh:

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CW has a lot that I really, really like about it. I started out with Aesop, but there really is a lot of prep work, even with the workbooks. And it is a lot of writing. I like the difference in style compared to WWE. But there is the prep time, the amount of writing and the fact that for whatever reason, I never knew what to do with the spelling day, since I don't mark up words and we have enough on our spelling plate as it is.

I like WWE for a number of reasons too. Not the least of which is I can get that done in a short period of time, it is laid out well, and the boys don't find it overwhelming on days that they would far rather be up to their knees in the creek catching crawfish than sitting at the table with paper and pencil.


FLL is kind of the same thing. None of us like the scripting, but they do retain better with a lot of oral drill. This has been the norm for Latin and Math facts, not to mention spelling practice. So I wonder that I thought grammar practice would be sufficient. But again, I really like KISS. It's a bit of a pain to get from the website, but the application of grammar is outstanding with KISS. But, I usually have to spend around 30-45 minutes with KISS, because I work through the sentences with the boys on the board a lot of the time. I can do FLL in much less time-25-30 minutes if the boys don't crab too much. So a perfect summer program for us.

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