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Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics

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For anyone who is interested to learn more about Math thinking:


The E-GCPM (Extended Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics) is back. Please refer to the following link for more details:






Description of E-GCPM


“In our century of rapid changes it is impossible to know everything. The goal is to learn how to learn.â€
- I. Gelfand

What is E-GCPM?

Extended Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics (E-GCPM) is modeled on GCPM (the Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics).

E-GCPM is an enrichment program in mathematics for junior high and high school students. E-GCPM allows students to study at home and get personal attention from a qualified mentor.

We are re-establishing E-GCPM at Rutgers University due to students’ inquires and demands. You can read the description of the former GCPM, see the Introductory Assignment, Books used in the program, Comments from students, and more at http://gcpm.rutgers.edu.

E-GCPM follows Prof. I. Gelfand’s principles and approach in education, developed over his lifetime. This approach focuses on teaching students how to:

  • study and work independently;
  • solve challenging math problems;
  • understand the material rather than memorize it;
  • express their ideas and knowledge in a clear and explicit way;
  • discover that math can be easy and interesting.

These skills learned and mastered at E-GCPM will be useful for students in their future career, far beyond math and science. This program is for students who want to have a better understanding of mathematics and to enjoy it.

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