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GF expo - would you go at the last minute??


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There is a GF food expo in Chicago this weekend. I have a free day tomorrow and could feasibly drive up there to attend. I would love to see the variety of GF vendors, taste available foods, take GF classes, etc. DS said he would go with me.


The cost is $20 per person, plus lunch, dinner and gas. Total for the day trip would be over $100 and a lot of early and late driving for me.


It's a three hour drive each way and the expo is 6 hours long. If it were 1-2 hours away I wouldn't hesitate.



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A friend went today and really enjoyed it. With the price of gluten free food, she really enjoyed sampling so many things to see if they were worth buying. She said there were some really good things there. Spending the day with your teenage son makes it even better- I say go for it. But you have to come back and tell us what was good and what wasn't!

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