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Story of the World Volume 1 with a 4th grader

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I am gearing up to start SOTW1 with my 4th grader in the next couple weeks here. While we have read all kinds of history over the years, we have never done SOTW before so this will be new to us. I am curious if I really need to add much additional reading material outside of the suggestions in the activity guide. I'd like a variety of picture books, read aloud books, and read alone books. He is a very strong readers. I did plan to add the You Wouldn't Want to Be series and Horribly Histories series. I also have Egyptian Diary & Roman diary on my shelf.


If there is anything you'd recommend that I wouldn't find in the guide that I should add - either to read aloud or to read silently - I'd love to know what that is :)



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It's not a complete list, but our supplemental list includes:


The Golden Fleece (Colum) others recommend The Children's Homer by the same author, but we already had this one.

Black Ships Before Troy (Sutcliff)

The Wanderings of Odysseus (Sutcliff)

Prince Siddhartha (Landaw)

Pyramid (MacCaulay)

Tales from Ancient Egypt (Green)

The Eagle of the Ninth (Sutcliff)

DK's One Million Things - Ancient History

Then & Now (Perring)

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