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If you are doing a world geography year...

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We did this for 1st grade (this year), so I wanted to keep it simple. We went by continent - studying one country a week (obviously we had to pick and choose which ones).


Monday-locate on globe. We have an electronic globe so he spent about 10 minutes learning about the country from that.

Tuesday-read from children's non-fiction (from the library)

Wednesday-map page from Enchanted Learning

Thursday-read from children's non-fiction

Friday-color the flag. Most of the time I used the ones from http://www.homeschoolcreations.com/Africa.html

I originally made up a fact sheet on Word, but I scrapped that after the first few countries because it was just too much for my 6yo. He actually didn't mind doing it, but I felt that it was too much and time was better spent elsewhere.


I always tried to have a Lit. read aloud going on at the same time that tied in, but that didn't always happen. And we sometimes read more about the country on either http://www.timeforkids.com/around-the-world or http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/places/

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Do you mean Expedition Earth from COAH? I don't follow her schedule. I spread each country out over 2-3 weeks and use her 5-day lesson plans as a checklist instead of a schedule. I cross things off and add other things to the list (like books I have that aren't on her list). But...I'm not trying to do it all in a year, we just use it as a fun supplement every now and then. Using her list as a checklist works way better for me than to try to plan out what we will do each specific day of the week. I just open it up and choose a few things to do that day. I was overwhelmed at first also and found this way worked so much better for me. I printed everything off and put it into my own binder with tabs for each country, then can just pull out whatever printables we need as we go.

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We've been doing very basic World Geography this year. We took about a month and did Evan-Moor's Beginning Geography. Now, we are going Continent by Continent. We don't really follow a schedule. We've been doing 2 weeks or so for each Continent. We check out library books, find YouTube videos, stuff like that.

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I've been working up an outline for world geography for next year. I plan on going continent by continent and focusing on physical geography, environment/biomes, history of human occupation/migration, mapping, and modern cultures by turns. I'm not sure how long we'll spend on each continent, but at least three weeks per continent, counting Oceania (Australia, NZ, and Pacific Islands) as a "continent" and possibly dividing Asia into a few chunks for the purpose, and probably spending the shortest time on Antarctica since the culture portion doesn't apply at all and human occupation/mapping can reasonably be rolled together into one topic, as can environment and physical geography. I may have DD pick a topic for each continent to write a short research report on as well.


We'll be using Mapping the World with Art and a National Geographic Atlas as our primary materials, with some books on environment, food around the world, etc. to enhance.


For how it fits into our week, we will probably do it block schedule style on Sundays and Fridays (our full-length school days).

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Just listening in - I can't seem to find something that I like in this area for DD. I may go back to daily Geography - but it wasn't working well for her either. I knew that when I looked at it before printing.


So hey everyone, keep posting links so that I can keep looking at stuff!!! :D

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