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DD is 6. She absoutely loved the Magic Tree House series last fall and winter. Her reading level is beyond those now, but she is having trouble finding stories that she likes. She tried the AG books, but they're not exciting enough. She told me, "The girls never go on adventures. They just do regular stuff." She loves the Chronicles of Narnia. We've read them aloud. She's going through them by herself now. What else might she like?

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The Secrets of Droon by Tony Abbott.


It's 44 books long - so it will last a VERY long time if she gets into the series.


I have talked about it a lot so you are welcome to search for more information. The author Tony is also a wonderful author to write emails to.


Two of the four main characters are girls. One is a princess wizard. Every book is a grand adventure. It is a wonderful series.

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My 6 year old has recently enjoyed two books in the "never girl" series. It is about a group of girls that end up in never land with the Disney faries. It is probably not great literature but she seems to like it. Stink, bad kitty, captain underpants were all read this past winter. She tried clarice bean but didn't get into it. I thought it was great though.

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Here's a list at about that level of reading, with many having girl protagonists.

- Tales of Robin Hood (Claybourne)
- Mermaid Tales from Around the World (Osborne)
- Beauty and the Beast (Osborne)
- Tenggren's Golden Tales from the Arabian Nights (Tenggren)
- Tales from the Ballet (Barber)
- The Tall Book of Christmas (Smith)
- Jan Brett's Christmas Treasury (Brett)
- Reader's Digest Anthology: The World's Best Fairy Tales (Sideman)

- Pippi Longstockings; Pippi in the South Seas (Astrid)
- Land of Oz; Ozma of Oz -- and others in the Oz series by Baum
- Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Wrede)
- The Borrowers (series) (Norton)
- The Unicorn's Secret (series) (Duey)
- My Father's Dragon (and sequels) (Gannett)
- Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series (MacDonald)
- Dragon Slayer Academy series (McMullan) 

- The Whipping Boy (Fleischman)
- McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm (Fleischman)
- Miss Pickerell (series) (MacGregor) -- OOP, but fun
- By the Great Horn Spoon (Fleischman)

ANIMALS (talking)
- Catwings (series) (LeGuin)
- The Rescuers; Miss Bianca; The Turret; Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines; Miss Bianca in the Orient (Sharp) -- OOP, but VERY worth looking for!
- My Father's Dragon (Gannett)
- Mr. Popper's Penguins (Atwater)
- The Cricket in Times Square (Selden)
- Chester Cricket series (Selden)
- Charlotte's Web (White)
- Trumpet of the Swan (White)
- The Mouse and the Motorcycle (McCleary)
- Ben and Me; Mr. Revere and I (Lawson) 

ANIMALS (real)
- Dolphin Adventure; Dolphin Treasure; Dolphins and Me (Grover)
- Stone Fox (Gardiner) -- WARNING: DOG DIES!
- Follow My Leader (Garfield)

- Cam Jansen series (Adler)
- A to Z Mysteries (Roy)
- Third Grade Detective series (Stanley)
- High Rise Private Eyes series (Rylant)
- Invisible Inc. series (Levy)
- Boxcar Children series (Warner)
- Roman mystery series (Lawrence) 

- Phoebe the Spy (Griffin) --American Revolution - true story
- The Secret Valley (Bulla) -- Gold Rush/pioneers
- Robinson Crusoe Reader (Cowles) -- adaptation of the classic story
- The Courage of Sarah Noble (Dalgliesh) -- Colonial US
- Sarah Plain and Tall; Skylark; Caleb's Story (MacLachlan) -- US - pioneer times
- Hannah (Whelan) -- blind pioneer girl
- Silver (Whelan) -- daughter of an Alaskan "musher" gets a sled dog puppy
- Pioneer Cat (Hooks) -- pioneer girl and her cat travel west in a wagon train
- The Little Riders (Shemin) -- WWII occupied Europe
- The Cabin Faced West (Fritz) -- pioneer times US
- Sybil Ludington's Midnight Ride (Amstel) -- real-life girl Paul Revere
- Secret Soldier: Story Of Deborah Sampson (McGovern) -- true story of a female Revolutionary War soldier
- Toliver's Secret (Brady) -- Revolutionary War girl disguised as a boy to get a message thru 

- Brendan the Navigator (Fritz)
- Joan of Arc (Corey)
- The Daring Escape of Ellen Craft (Moore)
- Escape North! Story of Harriet Tubman (Kulling)
- The Story of Thomas Alva Edison (Davidson)
- Helen Keller (Davidson)
- Helen Keller's Teacher (Davidson)
- Louis Braille (Davidson)
- The Wright Brothers (Reynolds)
- Little Sure Shot: Annie Oakley (Spinner)
- Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman (Henry)
- Dinosaur Hunter (Alphin)
- The Great Houdini: World Famous Magician (Kulling)
- The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (Patrick)
- Flying Ace: Story of Amelia Earhart (Bull) 

- Understood Betsy (Fisher)
- B is for Betsy (Haywood)
- Betsy and Tacy series (Lovelace)
- The Moffats series (Estes)
- Grandma's Attic series (Richardson)
- House on Rocky Ridge (Macbride) -- series following Laura Ingalls Wilder's descendants
- Little House series (Wilder)

Edited by Lori D.
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These were particular favorites of mine as a little girl:

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

Beauty by Robin McKinley

Anne of Green Gables (I know it's not a far flung place, but Anne does seem to have a lot of excitement in her life ;))


Anything by Madeline Engle has girls going along on adventures, although I don't remember loving her books, they're classics. Oh! There's also Nancy Drew, she has quite a few adventures, just not in the high fantasy realm.


Also, my daughter is enjoying the Guardians series by Joyce at the moment as her read-a-loud. Maybe if you just picked up book 3 (the Toothfairy one) for her?

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