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What is the full title or the author of Assumptions in Starting Points?

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I'm considering using the Starting Points curriculum next year and am trying to research each of the books that they use. I can't find anything just called Assumptions on Amazon, but I did find one called Assumptions That Affect Our Lives by Christian Overman. Is this the one used in SP?

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I did use Quine for four years. I did Starting Points in 8th, then the rest in 10-12th. I did it in a structured homeschool class setting for 11th and 12th. During those years we took Rhetoric and History as separate classes. Quine covers some great things, and Starting Points was probably the best year. I did have some holes in literature at the end of high school. Quine has a lot of reading, but it does relatively little lit analysis because the focus is on worldview.


I'm currently working in the homeschool program that still uses Quine and they are still trying to fill in the holes.


My mom is now using TOG for the rest of the family and feels that it covers more bases.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your response. I only plan on using SP and then other lit programs, so I'm not too concerned about holes in lit analysis. That will hopefully be covered in the later programs. Glad to hear that you liked SP so much. Wishing you all the best with your new arrival in July.

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