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My dd took Intro to Lit 2012-2013 as a 7th grader. The weekly literature analysis was graded each week. Each question was graded with comments attached. Papers were graded with plenty of feedback. There were multiple audio discussions where the children were called on by name.  There were cumulative tests and frequent quizzes. Each graded with feedback. I'm thinking the class was 2 hours long with a short break. My dd worked 6-8 hours a week not counting the 2 hour class. She started with strong 5 paragraph essay skills. She learned to apply literary analysis to those essay skills. 


My dd wants to take more from Mrs. Skiles.  The only reason I didn't sign her up for 8th grade is because high school history, government, and philosophy were higher time priorities this year. We likely will take more  from Mrs. Skiles in 11th and 12th after we try to get AP English Language completed over the next 2 years, 9th and 10th. 

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Just realized this was a question I posted almost a year ago.  So here's an update:  Dd is taking the Intro to Lit class this year and we are very pleased with the class.  The class is set up just like Heartsjoy said.  Mrs. Skiles does give feedback to every work that is submitted to her. She also commented that dd should speak more during class. That comment came because she knows dd has lots of insight based on her homework but she wants dd to be able to say those thoughts also.


For papers, she does not have students submit multiple drafts, just a final paper.  She does return it with comments on how to improve the paper.  She does a very good job of discussing the books that dd is prepared to write the paper without much angst or confusion.

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