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Are any of you in Boston or the area? Also, documenting this day in history

Chris in VA

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. We have a young man at MIT from our church, and a dear young girl in Boston. My oldest's godparents live in Cambridge. I just can't imagine how weird it all is. What is your experience?



Also, are any of you keeping a journal on current events? I have seen a lot in this country and in my experience in my life--Hurricane Andrew, the VA earthquake that damaged the Wash Monument and Cathedral, 9/11, the DC Sniper, etc. I have often thought how we look to first-hand reports of historic events to give us information and add interest to history--Just look at the first-hand accounts of events like Pompeii.


So, what do you think of passing on to your children, grandchildren, etc., YOUR accounts of important events?

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