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Have you had a bronchoscopy?


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My dad has had two. The flexible tube bronchoscopy is well tolerated and easy to recover from. You'll feel out of it for a day, and possibly have an irritated throat or cough for the next couple of days, but that's it. It's a very safe procedure. Don't put it off if you need to have one.

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I have. They'll give you twilight meds so you probably won't even remember it. My lungs are very finicky and were rather irritated afterwards. Others I've known, though, had no issue at all.


Is this just a quick procedure and you go home or are in the hospital for the day? I guess I would rather do this then the lung biopsy but I am still really nervous about it.


My lung volume test in the office seem to be getting worse, they were about 70% last year with the Pulm function test and lately have been between 59 and 66% at my office visits. I also have to repeat the whole pulm function testing again. Again, my test don't seem to suggest asthma but then I feel like I am having repeated asthma attacks (wheezing, can't breathe, watering eyes (like intense crying but not crying?) and a cough that won't quit. I had five breathing treatments just last week.


So frustrated.

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