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I need your absolute best, most amazing, biggest "show" volcano project!

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Think Mt. Vesuvius! :)


It would be great if it could be completed from start to explosion in about 3 hours. Also, this is a history project so i don't need much scientific detail. Our intention is to destroy Pompeii...more or less. :p





OMG, what a great idea! I'll have to ask DH if he has any thoughts (mechanical engineer). Hmm, then there's the archaeologist in me wondering:

  • can we add in Herculaneum, too, and

  • can we end up with a mini archaeology site to "excavate" afterwards?




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Any idea how I can simulate the ash cloud? Would putting a layer of flour in the coke bottle give me a plume of "smoke" or "ash"?


Possibly. If you can keep the flour separate, on top of the soda, so it flies out of the volcano first, instead of soaking in.


If you tape a funnel to the table, and put the reaction under the funnel, it will shoot up, even with vinegar and baking soda.

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