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Standardized tests available online? And, which tests to consider?

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I know the isssue of standardized testing is somwhat controversial - I can see pros and cons either way.


That said, a friend sent me this link to the CATonline.


Are you aware of other standardized tests that are available online?


If I decide to test our dc, which tests should I consider?



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that was a link for hives...are you saying this will be the likely result? LOL. I'm all ears since we are seriously considering them now that my boys are middle school aged. The tests, not the hives. ;)



:lol: Ds 13 has hives this week.


I changed the link in my original post. The cost for the CAT online is $25 and the results are scored immediately.

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I know that some testing companies, such as IOWA, do not allow online testing for security and quality control reasons.


I know that my son's school uses computerized testing, but it is done over a secure server that the school has access to.


When we had to test for legal purposes, our local homeschool organization offered testing every spring for a fee. They administered the tests, but you recieved the results electronically. It was a paper test, it was the IOWA through BJU press.


To test your own children, you will have to register as a test administrator. I am assuming that going through a middle man such as BJU would make this easier. I know that Seton also offers homeschool testing services.

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We usually use the ITBS (not online.) This year, I did the DORA and ADAM tests from letsgolearn. They are good if your children are out of grade level for any subject, it is a computer adaptive test, so it tests up or down to the actual grade level you are working at.




You get your results as soon as they finish.

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The one you put in your link is the one we used last year and will use again. I don't feel the need to test, but my husband wanted us to test. It was inexpensive and not crazy in terms of a week of testing. The results showed we were off the charts and above grade level. That's a confidence boost for mom! :) Now, I actually like the idea of testing as it will give them practice and get them used to timed tests so when we hit the SAT/ACT we are not thrown off at the concept of tests.

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In their FAQs they address the issue as to whether this test is useful for those of us whose state wants us to test:





Does TestPoint meet my state’s requirements?



At this point, there are no state requirements for the TestPoint placement tests. In addition, the TestPoint exam does not meet the requirements of any state that compels home school students to take an achievement test.


So, for that reason, the test wouldn't work for our family. I'm sticking with Seton - $25 and I test at home. :)





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