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Must read books on the following subjects?

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I'm trying to find one or two books for my kids to read on each of these subjects next year. They'll be in 7th and 9th grade and reading them on their own. I don't want anything too heavy, just fun and informative. I'd like to start supplementing some of our subjects with a book or two every year.



Not poetry collections, but I'd be open to anything else.



I'm thinking Eats, Shoots & Leaves type books.



This year we dabbled in Sister Wendy's videos, next year we'll probably do that again. I'd like to find a book that will prepare them for the language and enrich visits to museums. Like poetry, we mostly study/memorize (lots of it). I'd like to take it to the next level... gently, and without adding to their workload. IYKWIM :tongue_smilie:


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I second Grammar-Land. Light and fun, but a great reinforcement!


This may fall on the 'too heavy' side of things, but for those ages, you may want to peek at The Art of Poetry. It is a program, but you could take it slow and meander through over a couple of summers instead of doing it in a regular term-like schedule.



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