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Final History Project

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My dd 11 (12 in July) will be starting 7th grade next year. I was thinking about doing another year and a half of history instruction and then having her complete a timeline during the last semester of 8th grade. This would be a timeline of SOTW 1-4 and any extra US or world history we've studied. I thought this would be a good review of what she's learned before going on to high school history when we start the process over again.


Is a semester too long for this work or is it not enough time? Any thoughts? I plan on this being a nice timeline that she can use through out high school/college as a study aid.



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I love this idea!!!!

I think a semester is a good amount of time. What kind of timeline will you use? Will she write on it, use timeline stickers, clip art???

I'd like details. :)



I'm not sure of the details yet. I have some time to figure it out. I might look around online and see what I can find.

I'll post on here when I figure it out.



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