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Science Fusion coming up at HSBC


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If you have used Science Fusion, will you be purchasing it again?


I am contemplating purchasing a few of the modules for my rising 8th grader to kind of "fill in" areas that she's missed out on with other curriculum.


Realistically, how long has it taken to complete a module in the Middle School grades?


Has it been worth the cost? I know I have read a lot about the online portion being difficult to use, but DD & I are both VERY tech savvy, so I don't anticipate that being a problem.

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Yes, I would get SF again, but not from HSBC. It's not that I don't like HSBC, but when you order SF, your one-year subscription starts at the date they choose. So, if you buy multiple modules (to save on shipping) and then start late, you may be faced with having to re-purchase the online access portion of a module.


Next time I will order from RR, one module at a time, and get free shipping by combining with other material.




Agreeing with Plum Crazy -- the overall online program is super clumsy, looks as though it has been randomly cobbled together from multiple sources. But the heart of the online program - the video that goes along with the book chapters, is decent.

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