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Our extended family is experiencing a very challenging and difficult event.


My brother, a 13-year veteran and detective of our hometown's local police force, was recently arrested for charges related to a criminal sexual conduct (3rd degree) allegation from 6 years ago. He is on suspension from the force at this time, pending a preliminary hearing and whatever follows that.


He claims his innocence, and said this is politically-motivated. If some of you here are familiar w/ those working in the political arena (law enforcement, government workers, etc), it is certain you understand how this can work.


Anyway, my brother is the father of 5, and married. His wife is a teacher in the community school system. They are public servants to the small town they grew up in. This was an unexpected and shocking event for his family....so sad.


His picture is plastered on the newspapers and the t.v. news, and the media is following him around as well as showing up at my parent's house for comments about the allegations.


We are all still in shock over this.


We have so many people praying, and I thought "Heck, why can't I also ask my homies on the boards to pray as well?"


So, here I am, friends. Asking that whenever it comes to your mind, that you pray for my brother and his family. Pray the Lord will speak to his heart w/ encouragement as he has never known it. He is not faithfully following Jesus at this time. His wife is like a cheerleader at God's pep rally and is fervent in prayer, so I'm thankful for her presence in his life.


Please pray for the right attorneys, legal fee provision (which many in the community have already offered!), peace for the family, protection over his public-school children (they'll be in the spotlight, too), and continued healing in our family relationships. God has hit my brother hard with this, and many of my prayers have already been answered...I praise Him for that!


My brother described what he termed "the worst day of his life" as he was cuffed, read his rights, and then escorted to the court to make an appearance before those whom he works with on a daily basis. I think of it as the "best day of his life" because God called his name, and my brother had no choice but to look to him for help. He said a peace came over him like he has never known before...PTL!




Thanks for listening,



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Thanks for praying! And to those of you who haven't read this yet, due to its proverbial burial at the bottom of the board pile, I humbly request your prayers.


My brother is now being encouraged by an outpouring of amazing support from community professionals, friends, relatives, etc. He sounds like a different person and not the hardcore cop/detective w/ the tough exterior shell.


He now has a pitbull of a lawyer w/ a lot of experience in whom he has a lot of confidence.


Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!




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My brother was arrested for a very serious crime about 15 years ago. It all worked out in the end, but it was a horrific experience for the whole family. It also makes you look at the judicial process in a whole new light.


I will be praying for your brother and the rest of your family.

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Camy, as I read the updates on your post I am reminded of this verse in the OT: "Put your trust in the Lord, and he will do this, he will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noon day sun."


At the least, this may represent an incentive presented at just the right moment for your brother to make a commitment to Christ in Whom He *can* trust. Past that, this verse says it all to the innocent man unjustly accused! Meanwhile, may your sister in law find comfort in this verse today. Because God sees them as *one*, she can claim this promise on your brother's behalf!

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