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Kitchen sink smell -- plumber or septic professional?


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We just bought a house on a septic tank, and the sellers got the septic system cleaned for us before closing. Now we're moving in and every time I run the sink, it smells like something died there. :thumbdown:


I've tried the baking soda and vinegar trick multiple times, to no avail. I'm going to pour Rid-X down the sink today, but I'm ready to call a professional.


With a freshly cleaned septic tank, what could be causing this problem? Do we want a plumber to clean/replace some pipes? Or did the septic company not do their job cleaning the system? Or is there something else the septic company can do to address this?

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This happened to us too. I took the sink plumbing apart and there was a lot of gunk built up. I cleaned some parts and replaced others and now there is no smell.


The trouble with ours is that one pipe is not quite at the right angle to drain all the way, so a bit of water sits in there. in time, I will have to clean it out again unless I can figure out how to change the angle of the pipe.

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