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Post-operative question


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I'd say typical to have no appetite but the nausea is concerning. My DD had spinal surgery last year and she had no appetite for a while. She quit throwing up before we left (also 5night stay). She refused all desserts which was really unusual for about 2 weeks. Did they send you home with no pain medicines? I would give her something and see if it helps. My DD wouldn't complain much but she seemed much more cheerful and herself when given meds semi-regularly.


That said- definitely call your doctor and ask! What's normal and concerning can vary tremendously based on what exactly was done. I think I called our doctor's office 5 times before the end of the first week! We even swung by his office in the hospital for a concern the day after we were discharged. It was a good thing we did because what the intern and nurse had said was no problem when they discharged us, the doctor said was an immediate problem. You don't want to mess around with neurosurgery!

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