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Senior year science? Too many Bio classes?

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My public schooled dd has to pick next year's classes. She took Honors Biology Freshman year, Honors Chemistry Sophomore year and is taking AP Biology Junior year.


She is not a math or science person.


The only non AP Science offerings are Human Biology or Honors Physics. She took physics in 8th grade and had a hard time, she does not want to take it again. She wants to take Human Bio but I am worried how Colleges will view this? Will it matter or not? Any opinions or experience?


Thank you so much!

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Human Bio after taking AP Bio will probably be a little weak.


Does her school offer an AP Environmental Science? Would she find that more interesting than Physics? Or possibly taking AP Chemistry, which will usually get credits at least towards general education?

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I'll recopy my response from your other post.


My daughter was one who did not take the sacred trio of Bio/Chem/Physics. Instead she followed this progression during high school --


9th Physical Science (at home)

10th Chemistry (at home)

11th Geology (at the community college)

12th Environmental Science (at the community college)


She applied to ten different colleges and was accepted by eight. (She was wait listed at a ninth and denied by the tenth [an Ivy League school].) She is currently a college senior majoring in Latin and minoring in Geology.


There are some colleges which do require the 'standard' three sciences -- Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. However, not all colleges do.




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Thank you all so much for your input. My dd and I talked some more and she decided to do Physics next year. She was reluctant to take it because she was worried she would get a B and have her GPA drop. I think she just needed reassurance that she would be all right

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