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Help me understand these eval results?


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These are for a friends little girl age almost 5, that I will be hsing for pre-k this fall. She is not up to speed with speech - she talks about like a 2.5 year old or maybe 3 year old at most. She has issues with saying the R sound. and behaviorally she is about 2-3 yo, but very sweet. My bet was on a hearing issue - not full hearing loss but some hearing loss, and maybe some behavior delays.


After I convinced her dad to get her evaluated to see what is going on, they came out and did and quick evaluation on her a few days ago, and the results given to the Mom were:



Receptive is at 72 = moderate delay

Expressively at 66

Sounds (artic) =85 within normal limits

Possible A.D.D


They are supposed to follow up with hearing testing and a referral for ADD testing. She is to start receiving services in May for the delays.


And what would you do for hsing with this info?

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Could also be APD (auditory Processing Disorder) with or without a co-morbidity of ADD.

It is great she will receive services.


For homeschooling, I would use the Developing the Early Learner Series.

Use Earobics and some other phonemic awareness exercises.


I would ask for a full eval...OT,SLP, Psychological and educational.

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