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How to keep the mosquitos away?

Just Kate

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*all ears*


We don't have a lovely porch, but we do have lots of windows without screens that are currently our only cooling in the house.


No standing water here, but there is a drainage ditch not far away that I bet is where they are coming from.

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We lived in Louisiana for 43 yrs and had to deal with mosquitoes. 18 of those years were 1 block from a bayou and ditches along the street. You can never get rid of them. However there were things we did that helped keep them from getting in and if in to keep them from biting in the night.


We put fans up near the doorways into the house. This was the most effective way to keep them out. Just a cheap box fan we kept running 24/7 and aimed at the front door.


Dryer sheets under the bed...sounds silly but it worked, the stronger the smell the better they worked.


Dd's bedroom was a magnet for mosquitoes, if one got in the house it always went to her room. We put party streamers on her door way (in strips side by side hanging down to the ground so it makes a solid wall when no one is going through).


As far as keeping them out of a screened in porch, use the box fan idea....might help.

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