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Oak Meadow: supplementing in middle grades, upper levels, and graduated students

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I have bought and resold OM more times than I would like to admit. I actually had OM 5 and really liked it, but I had financial woes and had to sell it, much to my discontent. :( But now, I'm thinking of trying to buy OM 3 for my upcoming 3rd grader and OM 6 for my upcoming 6th grader, and OM 7 for my upcoming 7th grader. I am completely to the end of my rope and though we love the Sonlight books, the output is a bit to be desired. I like the hands-on approach of OM and the delightfully deep questions in the 5th grade level we tried.


But does anyone supplement OM? I would pick a different math, first of all, because my kids are a bit asynchronous. And I have some favorites I wouldn't want to leave out, like some MCT works. At the higher levels, is there room for supplementation?


How good is the upper level English instruction?


Has anyone actually graduated someone who went through OM at the upper levels? How did they do? Did they make it into a good college or science program (I have two budding scientists)?

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I can't answer most of your questions. The only perspective I have is from their high school world geography course. For the amt of time we are willing to devote to history, OM was time-consuming and didn't leave much room for supplementing. However, there are projects and extra books to read already incorporated into their plans which if you wanted to eliminate/alter for other options, that might give you the extra time for more freedom. My ds really learned a lot from the projects. We did substitute in a different book for one of the book selections.


ETA: Oops, I take that back. He also did their English 9 credit. I had forgotten about it b/c I was not impressed. He completed the entire yrs work in a semester (and this is my dyslexic math/science guy!!) He enjoyed the novels, but the grammar/writing instruction was bleh.

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