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Do you have a "home control center?" How do you set up yours?

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I'm talking about a place, probably in the kitchen, that houses the family calendar, has necessary phone numbers, a place for messages, possibly even cubbies, files, or something for members of your household, school papers, etc. If so, how is yours set up?


I love the look of THIS from Pottery Barn, but don't like the price: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p3170/index.cfm?pkey=caccstr&cm%5Fsrc=hero


Have you seen anything like this out there at other stores? Or, perhaps you've put something like this together yourself!

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I have a large white board and expo markers on top (out of reach of littles). I list each child and their chore for the month. I put tally marks by their name as the day progresses for consequences they received (3 or more and they go to bed earlier) and keep track of chore allowance and deductions (since I started charging $.50 for sox or shoes laying around, that has really improved!). There's still enough space for notes to people to give reminders or to write name and # of people as we need that info.


I have a desk in the corner of the living room and a filing drawer for bills and papers - each child has their own folder. I have a desktop organizer for phone/addresses/stamps/staplers, etc. I keep a spiral bound calendar organizer and write on it daily - important information/appointments, etc. The children keep backpacks and shoes in their rooms, our entryway doesn't have space for much at all.



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I have what I call "command central" in my kitchen/eating nook. On the side of my fridge, I have a calendar with HUGE squares (motivated moms calendar). I can see it from my computer desk. I hook a piece of paper with our meals for the week on that hook each week. The only thing on the front of the fridge is our chore chart.


Under that on a counter is my rechargeable cords in a nice decorative (made by my dad) wood box. Everything is plugged in and hidden in the box. I also have my Bose Wave Radio right there.


Then, I have a desk where I keep everything! My computer, pencil sharpener, printer, and phone sit on top. In the desk are pencils, note paper, calculater, scrap paper, and all my files. On top of the desk attached to the wall are cabinets. In those, I keep computer supplies, cameras, coupons, vacation plans, tape, mailers, 3 hole punches, etc.


When I need to make out a list for the kids, I just write it out on scrap paper and we all refer to it as needed. Then I throw it away. I can't stand clutter! And, so many of those systems just look like clutter to me (sorry!).


That's what works for us!

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Thanks, Jennifer. One of the things I'm looking for is a re-charge station. Unfortunately, I don't have a desk in the kitchen or free counter space to create an area. I have a shelf under a large window in my breakfast room on which I keep baskets to hold my office supplies. There is a plug close by. I'm wondering if I could create a re-charge station in a basket. Hmmm.... Thoughts?

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