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How would you plan to deal with the History Cycle (and Science) in this case...


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My middle daughter is 13, with some serious learning issues. She can read at about a 5th grade level - which was tossed out 2 years ago as a possibility where we might see her top out. She functions in math at about mid second grade right now (maybe, she's doing MUS Gamma and I'm going to try to throw in some MM stuff and see how it goes), her writing is.... what it is! LOL!! With A LOT of work and tears and sweat, she can produce something that is probably about a 4th grade level. Maybe. It is a work in progress. She will be in "school" until she is 21, but the school district considers her a 6th grader right now. I probably will have her do vocational stuff after their 12th grade, she should be able to get some job training thru the school district at that point.


Her IQ is 72, and she has significant processing/working memory/executive function issues that contribute to that... you can see when you talk to her that there is more than could "come out" - but it struggles to find an outlet with her issues.


Yesterday at language therapy she tested with a different test (therapist had been using the one the school district requires for services, and now that she is back home went back to the other one - just don't make me tell you which one right now). We have been seeing some issues of zoning out, that increased when she went off her absence seizure meds (but her 24 hour EEG was clean of those, just had other "abnormalities"). Her test scores yesterday reflected that - her receptive score was down from where it was 2 years ago.


UGH. I will have a better all over picture when testing is done next week.


My goal with her is to get her functional in her life, and hopefully able to live on her own - but let her have fun and learn what she can while doing so.


THe realistic outlook is that she might NEVER be able to do what I see in the logic area of most curriculum. She might be able to handle the Kingfisher in a couple of years.... only time will tell.


That all said, how the heck can I keep upping her fun and learning at the Upper Grammar level? While I was planning our new stuff out (and waiting for UPS) she watched Drive Thru History on Netflix for an Ancients review. The other day she started telling us a lot from it when we started SOTW2.


I feel like I need to make a rough long-term thought plan so I don't use up something that would actually work better later when we pass thru it again. I think I can actually make SOTW3-4 take long enough by adding lots of American History in there that I then might only have one more pass at maybe almost logic materials. What would you pick program wise for a "meaty" upper grammar/early logic stage child, that is probably going to want more hands-on than written (and I'm going to say more Secular than not at this point).


The same for science - she isn't going to be up to traditional high school science, and logic might even be a stretch. But I think with science it is easier to up the hands-on part and keep moving forward in that regard.


She loves history, science and art - so keeping those fun is important to me, and hopefully using them to increase her skills is a hope too. If i'm going to have to piece it all together myself, I am so going to have to start now, because it isn't my strong suit.


I hope this ramble makes a bit of sense.... if not just give me a hug and some chocolate!! :D (it is a chocolate kind of day/week here today!!)

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While I'm afraid I don't have answers for you ... I can certainly understand some of your frusteration/pain here .. I am very interested in what suggestions you might get .. :bigear:


I have a boy who is now 11, but due to mental retardation is learning VERY slowly ... he can read, and learns math ... just at such a slow rate that we have spent 3 years in 1st grade so far ... and since hes stuck at about a 5yr old level mentally and emotionally I"ve wondered often just how far acedemically hes going to be able to go. Certainly don't expect to get into logic stage with him soon, if ever!


Chocolate (or whatever!) :cheers2: and hugs :grouphug: to every special needs mom out there!! :D

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