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nasty carpet /staining concrete questions

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the living room carpet has been in this house since before we bought it 7+ years ago. having 3 babies/toddlers/young children and dogs has not been kind to it. i can spend an entire weekend steam cleaning only to have the same spots reappear within days. what i want to do is rip it out. now. we don't have money at the moment to replace it. has anyone tried to do concrete staining on their own? how has it turned out? was it a huge pain in the patootey? if you had to do it again, would you?



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We did this. It wasn't too expensive. We did learn a few things.


It turned out gorgeous!!! We did it in the basement. It is concrete and had to due to my son being allergic to the carpet and the flooding that happened in our basement before we bought the house.


It really wasn't that bad. Of course the prep work was the worst. Isn't that always the case....? I am looking for the pictures we took of our floor.


We had to rip out the carpet. Patch the concrete from where the carpet tacks were in the concrete. To disguise that part of the floor, my husband and I taped a diamond pattern all the way around the baseboard. Do yourself a favor if you do this and borrow one of those low boy dolly things. It is what the mechanics lay on to scoot under the car to work underneath the hood. Oh...and the best knee pads to use are actually soccer/volleyball knee pads.


If you have any questions fell free to email or pm me. I would be glad to talk to you about it.......


Here is the product we used. We chose this product because it is safe to use outside and won't harm the environment.




I will locate the before and after's for you so you can see the difference.


Not only do we love it but the next house we live in we want to build and the floors will all be done this way. That is how much we like it!!!

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I found the pictures but my husband needs to move them over to this computer for me.


I will Gimp them and post in my blog some time tonight so you can see some of the steps and what we did.....


Having a couple of good friends who don't mind helping.....made it go a lot quicker than what it would have doing it by ourselves.....:lol:


My friend with 8 kids came over and did the demoing for us.....We also took down part of a small wall. They pulled out the carpeting and helped pull the tacks out of the concrete.


Boy do those pictures bring back some fond memories......:D

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