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Rabbit owners?


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After pleading for a year and demonstrating great responsibility for other pets, DS soon-to-be-10 will be getting a rabbit Friday, a minilop from a reputable 4-H leader/breeder.


Besides the fact that "they are the cutest animals in the world!!!", what do we need to know? We are getting a cage for indoors, and DS plans lots of outdoor exercise time, but what else?


Thanks so much!!

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I have yet to find a question that can't be answered here:




Our bun resides in what is essentially a very large circle of storage cube panels, three high, zip tied together. It's like a little bunny play pen. You can get as elaborate as you want, but I've found the storage cube panels to work great in any configuration:




Enjoy your new pet! We have an old man widower bunny that may be getting a new mate soon, despite my thinking we were done with rabbits. They are not tons of work AND their poop is great for the garden ;).

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